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Solid State, 2018

Published on ENTROPY.

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Intimacy Lesson I, 2011

Published here on in 2017 as part of Solidarity Texts edited by Laynie Brown. About Solidarity Texts:

In the months following the 2016 presidential election and preceding the 2017 Women’s March, Laynie Browne curated a collection of poems, artwork, and other creative works as a means of fostering resistance. These Solidarity Texts, circulated via PDF before the January 21, 2017, march, are housed here at Jacket2 in their permutated forms. Six critical essays on the Women’s March — its problems and successes — were solicited to contextualize these creative works, and to accompany the texts in this feature. 


Complicit and Culpable, 2017

Written in response to allegations of sexual misconduct made against Knight Landesman, one of the publishers of Artforum magazine, and published on Temporary Art Review. In collaboration with Phoebe Stubbs.


Void, 2017

My piece about Carey Young’s Declared Void published in Issue 9 of Manual: a journal about art and its making.


Traum, 2016

Published on Somesuch Stories.


Untitled, 2015

Published in The Broome Street Review.


These Parts, 2015

Published in Prodigal journal.


On Water (or Memory), 2011

Published in Salade Publication.